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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July!

My pack and I are afraid of fireworks, and it's for a good reason. Fireworks were involved in an estimated 8,800 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments last year. An estimated 5,900 of those fireworks-related injuries (67%) occurred between June 19 and July 19 of 2009. Injuries to children under 15 years of age accounted for 39% of the estimated injuries. Children and young adults under the age of 20 had ... 54% of the estimated injuries. We all know that fireworks are dangerous, but sometimes we need numbers to help us really get it.

My pack and I are going to be just fine. We set up camp on our back patio and we're watching carefully to make sure nobody with fireworks comes near us. We mean business!!!

Stay safe!
Stay away from fireworks and drunk drivers!
And have a terrific FOURTH OF JULY!

Twinkie the teacup chihuahua


Maggie and Mitch said...

I hate fireworks and Mitch could care less about all of the noise!
We hope you had a great 4th, Twink!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

hero said...

Happy Independence Day, Twink!... hope the fireworks didn't scare you too much.

Licks, hero

Lola said...

I hope it wasn't awful, Twinkie. I feel furry sorry for furiends around here who feel like they're being tortured while the fireworks are going on. I sounded like a battle zone for two nights - so far. The funny thing is that it's totally illegal to have private fireworks here and has been furever. It doesn't seem to stop anybuddy, though. One guy lost an arm. He and his arm were being airlifted to a hospital where they were going to try to put it back on last we heard. I stay inside and I guess my small ears are why I'm not bothered by them, but for everydog's sake I sure hope there aren't a lot leftover for tonight.

wags, Lola

kks said...

we don't like fireworks either! we left town for peace and quiet...survived another independence day....until next year....

The Thundering Herd said...

We are lucky - we live tucked away between some mountains and never hear fireworks. Our humans can even go to town (such a great phrase) and watch fireworks and we do not even hear them.

K9friend said...

Fireworks aren't popular at our house, either. Nothing like an explosion right in the middle of puppy pottying. It usually results in a stop, jump, and run for the house! What's a dog to do (or do-do)?


Remington said...

None of us here like the 4th because of all the fireworks and people that can't seem to use their brains when it comes to animals....don't get me started....

Sagira said...

Glad you guys are sticking together. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. :)

Dory and the Mama said...

Looks like you have everything contained Twinkie..Great work!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

WE hope woo had a safe FoURth of WOO-ly!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

You might want to put some distance between yourselves and that bed. I'm just sayin'.

BRUTUS said...

Hope it all went smoothly. No worries here, we were camped safe & sound in Big Earl!

Brutus & Carmen (the Frenchies)


Hi Twinkie,

I was so scared last night. Mommy had to hold me most of ther night. It sounded like a war zone at my house. Mommy was afrisd our house would catch on fire wth all the firewordks.

When it was time for bed I won't get in go. I hide under the bed until it was safe to come out.

Mommy is so worrien about the ijured pit thata Kissa Bull's Mommy found Satrday that none of has been sleeping much.


Bijou said...

Happy Fourth to you! It was kinda quiet here cause it's been raining most of the weekend. I guess wet fireworks don't work! BOL


Samantha said...

It has been waaaaay too long since we visited - so sawries! Your words are just sooo wise - I had no idea about those stats - awful! And I want to thank you for your utube comments! I'm so afraid of posting those particular vids, except the swim one, but I'm going to do a blog about our day at this most wonderful place... serenity on the 4th!
Hugs xoxoox

Lorenza said...

Very good advice!
I hope you had a pawesome Independence Day!
Kisses and hugs

Twix said...

The noise doesn't bother me too much. Maybe it is because I am under the covers sound asleep by the time they start! Great photo!
Tell M that my mom is REALLY slacking. She has started an email about 3=4 times and has never gotten them finished. Seems like something is always interrupting her....surely it is not the dog that needs to pee.

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