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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frankie | A Chiweenie Small Dog Rescue

She's my new baby sissy. She joined the family only a few short months ago, in February. She was a huge surprise to me! After my recovery, I longed for somebody my size to play with and then, one day, ta-da! Mom comes home with THIS!

Isn't she adorable? BTW Frankie's possibly a Chiweenie, a Chihuahua/Weiner dog (Dachshund). Mom though it'd be funny to name her after a hot dog.  She was even smaller than I am--I am a tea cup Chihuahua. Mom warned me: "Twinkie, Frankie's going to grow. She's a baby now, but just wait. She won't stay like this forever." Who cares? I had a sister my size. Don't get me wrong, I love Linguini, the Dalmatian and German Shorthaired Pointer mix, but she's too laid back. She's ten years old. She doesn't want to play hard with me all day long like the Chiweenie does. So, I welcomed Frankie properly, ha ha!

Here's the story from what I heard from my mom. She was at a horse show (I will share horse show pictures later), watching my human sister compete, standing by a lady who was holding Frankie in her arms. "Oh, how adorable," Mom said and asked permission to snap photos. Glowing with excitement, she snapped the shots and was about to leave when the lady holding Frankie asked, "Could you hold her for me?" Mom gratefully obliged. She took Frankie in her arms. The lady wasted no time, "She's yours!" she exclaimed. "Huh?" Mom was shocked. Frankie was just out of the pound and she needed a home. The lady who was holding her, took her from the pound only to find her a home. "She's yours, if you want her," the lady said more hesitantly. Mom thought for a minute, especially about me. Frankie would find a home--she was too cute. It's easy to find homes for healthy pups. She felt bad. She prefers the "challenging" adoptions, duh, the ones most people avoid. Mom thought about me again, and the fact that I would most likely benefit from a play companion. "She's got a home then," she finally said, and Frankie came home!

Frankie, the Chiweenie, is not completely potty trained yet. I will share potty training tips soon. Every now and then we'll hear mom's exasperated voice: "Oh, no, Frankie. Not again." It's only been seven months though and my mom's patient. She too has fallen for my lovable sister. She's beautiful too. I love brindle coloring, don't you? I'm not jealous though, 'cause I know I'm the charming one. Frankie's the clown of the family. Every day she has a new "do". We never know which directions her ears will be pointing at.

Frankie's my sister, my friend, my Chiweenie, my hiking companion, my mischief buddy. I love Frankie with all my heart, even though she's already gotten waaaay bigger than me. As to how to potty train a puppy . . . I'll share my info if you share yours. 


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