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Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day Fun and a Tiny Incident

My pack had too much fun in the snow... with the exception of a little mishap.

 All aboard!

 At first, everyone was on leash, and behaved.

 Well, almost behaved.

 But soon, all bets were off!

 Rescue mission!
Ziggy, our merlequin Great Dane, managed to slide off the bank. We weren't sure he could make it back because of his Wobbler Syndrome, which equals weakness. At first, he stood at the bottom looking all disoriented. Our humans were calling him, but the echo was confusing. He started to walk the opposite direction. Mom, with her unhealthy attachment to this dufus, was ready to dive off the edge, but instead she started to wave. Her boy finally saw her and somehow made it back up.

 He recovered quite fast

Our black queen, Sasha
Pedrito, posing by a guard rail.


Nobody was in any hurry to get head back home to me.

Well, did you seriously think I would agree to a trip to the snow? My tummy is practically hairless. Temperatures below 72 degrees Fahrenheit are not my thing.

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