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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog Tumors On Geriatric Dogs . . . (continued)

We were counting down the minutes to get to the dog vet. M was really worried and the atmosphere was heavy. We got in the car, fully aware this wasn't a fun outing. Geriatric dogs need regular dog vet visits and this wasn't routine. We were about to find out about Linguini's dog fatty tumor that we've been "watching" for about a year now. There's one in particular that had grown in size overnight, causing her to limp, shake, and whine. Poor Linguini's gotten into so much trouble over the years, that she's terribly afraid of the dog vet. 
I don't wanna go!
Prior to this, Linguini had made mom pick her up to load her in the car
(she couldn't get in on her own)

Once we arrived, the dog vet made us wait for over an hour. The chiweenie and the linguini had one last shot at pleading with M.
Can a chiweenie dog's eyes get any bigger?
They gave it their best puppy eyes, but M was unmoved
"Dog tumors are serious and you both need to be checked out"

Then shoot me now
(Oh, we will, you have two shots due)

The dog vet's assistant walked in and ...
Hey, put me down! Wrong dog! 
I have no dog tumors, none. Heelp!

M let him take me away. She even mentioned something about a muzzle. What the pup! I got my nails chopped off. I hate getting my nails messed with. When they're longer they add to my height, its like wearing shoe lifts. 

A few miserable short minutes later, I was back waiting with the praying chiweenie to see what was really wrong with our sister. 

The dog vet giving Linguini a thorough exam

The dog vet checked Linguini out rigorously. They even left Frankie and me in the exam room alone, while they went for a stroll outdoors. They said they wanted to watch Linguini walk, but all I know is that I was left behind. Finally, after typing away at his computer for a while the dog vet, came up with a verdict about Linguini's dog tumors, her discomfort, and her limping. Here it goes. Her musculoskeletal exam was abnormal. While he didn't detect a canine mast cell tumor, he feels that the existing dog tumors are still just fatty and not contributing to her lameness. He suspects some strain or sprain to her right front leg and he prescribed no other than Rimadyl. Yay, doesn't this sound great? Not to us. We're not at all satisfied with the guessing and approximation. We were hoping for concrete answers. Linguini got two shots and was told to cut back on her food intake. Good luck with that M. Linguini is a regular Harry Houdini when it comes to helping herself to edibles. Of course, as far as Linguini the glutton is concerned, Rimadyl equals yummy Greenies Pill Pockets, and she's fine with that! 

Lil' chiweenie went next
She didn't make a peep
She stoically awaited her execution

The verdict: No dog tumors, but indeed her left submandibular lymph node is inflamed. Report or recheck if any changes occur with the size of the lymph nodes. Great, another uncertainty looming over our heads. What is wrong with my sisters? The dog vet added that Frankie's gum coloring is abnormal and M should keep an eye on that too. He didn't flinch when M told him she's basically color blind. 

To sum it up, we are of course relieved not to hear the words "canine mast cell tumor" but we're still concerned. Both Frankie's and Linguini's diagnoses were educated guess work. A year ago, when Linguini developed her first fatty tumor, M lost her mind. Thanks to many of furiends, we now know it's not the end of the world and that Linguini can still have a great quality life with them. A year later, we're still watching... Now we need to keep an eye on the chiweenie too. We're going to have to move on and hope for the best. For now, the most important news is that Linguini was instantly relieved with the Rimadyl and she's clearly in less pain. Frankie is bright and alert and shows not indications of any serious illness. As for me, I have gotten a tad shorter after the nail trimming. 


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