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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday at the Movies

 GLOBAL ANIMAL BLOGGING EVENT: Don't forget to visit the participating blogs. You get to make new furiends and be eligible for great prizes. We will be uploading new GABE posts until April 10th. For those who are getting started a bit later in the game, you can check out GABE for Dummies for user-friendly instructions. Please email me your direct G.A.B.E. post url. Thank you. 

* * *

Off to the movies now. Grab some pop corn, a nice heating pad, and join my canine pack and me, unless you have something better to do the day before Easter, of course. In which case, see you later.

We're waiting for the show to start

I'm not sure about this video. I thought there would be less action.

Can somebody fetch me my reading glasses?
Am I seeing things? 

I'm giving it a paws-down.
The entire movie was upside down!

Tough audience to please. Maybe I should take them golfing. Frankie wants to be not like Tiger Woods when she grows up. 

Have a great Saturday, furiends! And don't forget to check out all the bloggies and free giveaways!

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