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Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Award Goes To

How wonderful to have so many marvelous furiends and to receive so many heart-warming awards! I consider all our awards as acts of friendship and alliance.  Where do I start? Hmm, beauty first:

Wonderful Critter Alley awarded us with the Beautiful Blogger Award. Pat also made some great blog suggestions. What can I say, she's got taste, she's following me. BOL
But Critter Alley isn't the only blog with great taste. I got the same award from Stella's World too. Wow! I'm feeling pretty. Stella's blog is about to get revamped, but they don't say how yet. Don't forget to keep checking in. I sure am!
Okay, to work now. I need to state 7 things about me. Do they really have to be interesting?
1. As a rescue myself, I am an advocate and I try to help any way possible. Most of the time, it feels like I'm making a hole in the water, but I push on.
2. I love my family, but I need to temporarily stop M from taking in any new members. We need a break, mommy. We'll find other ways to help
3. I love my family, and, when I say that, I mean all of them. No exceptions. Trash talk is just a way to show my love. I love you, Bratwurst!
4. I break easily. One time I got dropped and snapped my leg in two.
5. I don't like kibble. Biped food is my favorite. On the food subject, I wish M would get off her computer chair and cook some homemade meals more often and not only when I get sick.
6. I have a stash! It's under ... What am I thinking? I can't tell you where it is.
7. I'm getting more and more excited about G.A.B.E.. First chance I get I'm going to figure out my giveaway.

I have received this beautiful award so many times that I can't keep track of who I've passed it on any longer. If you don't have it, please accept it from me and if anybody asks, tell them I gave it to you.
* * *
The same goes for the Sunshine Award. I am grateful to both Darwin and The Booker Man for re-awarding me. A blog cannot have enough of those! Thank you my furiends. As I said earlier, please add this to your blog and if anybody asks... you got it.
Don't neglect to check out the fabulous job Darwin and Booker Man did posting their award. I'm not giving you the post links because I know you are going to have fun looking for them. 
* * *
My fantastic furiends at Kissa-Bull are having quite a year. So many things are happening at their place. I've followed them every step of the way and I love how they handle even some not-so-easy situations. I was most touched by the latest development with their recent adoption, Tiger. You can read the story HERE (skip over the GABE stuff and get to the happiest part of the post). Kissa-Bull gave me the Friends Forever Award. You said it first, but I'll confirm: Friends forever!

* * *
I was most honored to receive the first ever Feisty Three Award! It is very appropriately called the Extreme Feistiness Award. Indiana, Shingo, and Molly sure are prime examples of exuberance and determination. Check out the one, the only, the first ever (drumroll)
Create your own banner at!
It's sparkly too! Thank you my furiends. I will cherish this forever. 

This concludes this week's award ceremony.

Links accepted as of Wednesday the 31st and will be posted in the order received on Thursday the 1st
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