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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fishing Trip Pressies

When M returned from her 3/4 Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip, she not only brought us back lots of fresh fish to eat, she also brought back some photos and a couple of videos of a relative of mine.
This "lucky dawg" gets to work on the dock that supplies the bait to the fishing boats. Check him out!

 Lucky Dawg approaches fishing boat

Lucky Dawg looks at live bait

Lucky Dawg prances about with live fish dangling from his mouth


Our boat crew did NOT give Lucky Dawg any fish. They ignored him. That was WRONG. Lucky Dawg took care of them appropriately. 
He left them a pressie. It was a bunch of golden nuggets on their net. M was so proud of this smart dawg, she decided to film the disposal of his pressie. BOL!

I'd do exactly the same
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