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Monday, August 23, 2010

Chiweenie Steals Dog Treats

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some dogs never learn. Two days ago, I mentioned dog treat thefts at our barn. Yesterday, I shared with you top secret information about Boomer, the tiny chihuahua, trying to steal them out of a horse trunk. Today, I am obligated to share the fact that Boomer wasn't the only thieving chi at our barn. His brother, Tigger, the chiweenie, has picked up the clepto-skills!

I had an advantageous position from my observation tower . . .

The chiweenie in action!

Between furiends, this is the proper way to enjoy dog treats, there's no other way unfortunately.
Congratulations to the chef.

Something got this chiweenie's attention. Can you guess what?

The brindle chiweenie! Oh, no! Where did she find the courage for such an undertaking?

Okay, now even I, Twinkie the teacup chihuahua, was impressed!
My sissy was fearless.

Heroic brindle chiweenie pursued her heart's desire.

But Tigger had other plans.
I'm relieved my sissy didn't follow him any more. I think that past a certain point, guts, glory, and dog treats can be downright foolish. 

Of course now, somebody has to pick after them.
"Come get your trash, you "designer dogs", you!"

There's never a dull moment at our horse barn. If when we're not fraternizing with goats, eating treats, dog chews, and horse hoof clippings, all of us rescue dogs have a blast!

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