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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Them (Bitch*) Free Parrots

I hope this post doesn't backfire. You see, M also has two human children and she thinks the world of them. She refers to them as "my favorite son," and "my favorite daughter". While I've noticed M being open to most matters, criticism included, when it comes down to those two, Brother J and Sister D, she sucks. I better tread carefully here then. 

Pasadena, CA, has over the years developed a population of naturalized parrots. Those free parrots, also known as feral parrots, have adapted to life in our ecosystem--which of course in non native to them. Some are the result of mass escapes of newly imported wild-caught parrots from facilities (quarantine areas, airports); those create instant flocks that can simultaneously protect them and teach each other survival skills. They also guarantee propagation. There are many myths as to how the Pasadena Parrots came to claim the area, but the most commonly accepted is that they came from a large pet emporium that burned down back in the late fifties. There's of course plenty of controversy about this, but the parrots don't care. 

It was a beautiful morning and M was busy cleaning up after us, when her beautiful favorite daughter emerged from her bedroom. Sister D is a kind, angelic looking child, and sweet. M is one lucky M. BOL So, when that morning, the  sleepyhead daughter walked into the kitchen announcing "Them bitch parrots, keep waking me up," it stuck. From that day on, every time we hear "the birds" we refer to them as "them bitch parrots". The truth is that Sister D was right and she was expressing everyone's feelings. Huge flocks of free parrots are no fun. They are loud and the result is not melodic, it's a cacophony!  

Well, just the other day, we heard the raucous. I got M and sent her outside to grab some decent parrot pictures. Her parrot-photographic skills didn't impress me, but you only get to see "the best of". You may want to enlarge them...
Parrot Pictures

To compliment the parrot pictures, I also borrowed this video from youtube. You have to hear them to believe me!

PS to M: See, mommy, I wasn't criticizing Sister D, I was simply quoting her. Kk?


*Bitch: A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
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