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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Blur

So far, I've tried my best to use the best photos available for my demonstrations, due to technical difficulties and speeds exceeding that of light, I'm afraid I have to use less than clear photos. I just want to share some playtime photos of Shandy (the icelandic sheepdog) and the rhodesian ridgeback twins, Hank and Sue.

Wise senior dog chose to be the referee.

Not so wise chiweenie and teacup chihuahua, became active participants to this dangerous game.

Twinkie: "Ehem . . . Hanky, are you forgetting your true love?"

Hank: "No, baby. We're good. I was just messing around."

After incredible zoomies, we visited our pond.
Yes, we stepped on the fish.

And right after that, we re-zoomed our games.

We had a blast!

Right after our guests left us, the chiweenie and I collapsed and took a long nap--after a lovely meal. We woke up just in time. M had just hit the bed. The chiweenie and I resumed our zoomies on her belly. She had to resort to rawhide dog chews. Mission accomplished.

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