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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chiweenie v. Black Beetle

After our long visit with the dog vet the other day, M decided to visit a friend to vent. We were all invited to take in the sun on her friend's deck, as the two women had coffee and nice chat.

I was happy to leave the dog vet's office
I love sitting in the sun and gazing around me for hours at a time

The chiweenie, on the other hand, is restless, as designer dogs often are
She found herself a black beetle

The chiweenie acted like she'd never seen a bug before in her life

She approached the black beetle

She cautiously . . .

. . . inched up on him

M finally kicked the common black beetle off the deck and soon we were headed back home.

As expected, Frankie and I were rather spent

But Linguini, dog vet visit and dog tumors temporarily forgotten, got the honorary seat for a change and stayed alert as any good co-driver should

Chiweenie v. Black Beetle: 0-0

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