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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's His Fault!

It was the puppy's fault I didn't get to post earlier today. He didn't let me sleep all night and then he kept me busy all day. Add to that a couple of long power outages and the seven cat-astrophes. . . It's already tomorrow in some countries.

I'd like to share more pictures of Junior not only for your viewing pleasure, but also for feedback. If any on you, have any clue as to the breed of this adorable monster, please leave us a comment. See, we thought he was a chihuahua, but then when a certain troublemaker, she knows who she is, insisted that the puppy is a dachshund, we started to doubt ourselves. Bottom line, we don't really know what he is. Not that we really care, but I for one am really curious. Is he a chihuahua like me, a chiweenie like my sissy, a miniature rhodesian ridgeback like my hiking buddies? I doubt he's a dalmatian like my older sissy though.

Until I find the truth, I'll keep referring to him as a chihuahua. Ready for some more chihuahua pictures?

 After keeping all of us up last night, he sleeps like a baby during the day,
and he sticks his tongue out at us!

 He also likes to eat my favorite giraffe.

 Don't be fooled by how cute he looks. 

"Little guy, you're a whole lotta trouble."

Of course, I'm going to be responsible for many of his behavior issues. I'm already teaching him how to respect his elder chis.

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