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Friday, March 12, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (9)

Hello, dear furiends! Frankie the chiweenie here, or should I say, "the second class citizen is here"?

I'm not terribly sorry to let you know that I've had it! So what if I was adopted last? I am a superb student and a good listener. Okay, so once in a while I leave special "treats" for my mom, but that's only because she's too busy to take me outside the 22 times a day I need to. And besides, I'm not the only one discriminateded against. Linguini suffers with me.

While momma works on her tall architect's desk all day, we, Linguini and I, stay by her feet.
Like this

Or like that

We are reduced to THIS!

While, the Queen
Spends her days right next to mommy
On the desk itself

Even the cats get better treatment
(Don't look if you're already upset)
Bob is on mommy's chair
He looks so very comfortable

That ain't fair, momma
Please pick me up

I bet Tiffy, Ciara, Abby, and all the other newbies are reading this and that they are feeling my pain. 

Before I leave you, we got the badge for our Global Animal Blogging Event from Zoolatry. The badge and update can be found HERE

Stay not so cold! Tee hee

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