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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Results And Awards

I have been having too much fun recently and the result is that I have been remiss in posting some long overdue "thank yous" and acknowledgments.

It's already been over a month since we went on our Max World Tour. I don't need to remind you about what a trip and what an emotional roller-coaster that was for all of us. I do however want to share the beautiful photo montage Asta's mother put together. I can't get enough of it. Thank you Asta and family.
Extra kudos for making me visible

Next, in the order of business and hopefully in chronological order, is the fabulous award I got from my furiends at luvbeingachihuahua. Coco, the chihuahua, initially gave it to me but now I want to thank her sister, Tiffy, too. Thank you girl-furiends!

I many not be drop dead gorgeous, but apparently my blog's beautiful

According to Coco, there are no rules attached to this award (really?) but one must pass it on to ten furiends. Well, guess what! I'm not doing it this time. I always sweat and agonize as to who to give my awards to, and then the rest of us, ehem, just put it out for grabs. So, in order to at least partially do what I'm supposed to, I'm passing this on to my 2010 furiends. That makes it easy for you to know who you are. Congratulations to the winners and welcome to my crazy world.

I had a great time, leisurely competing in Huffle's Cat-O-Lympic Event, a pawesome pet photo contest. It was too easy so I enjoyed it the most. We all got to lie back and compete from our comfortable napping positions, only problem was, Huffle asked for help picking a winner. That was too hard! Check out the beautiful badge Huffle created for this event. 
Classy, huh?

Next I attended my second Pup Scout meeting ever, from France. Captain and Candy were pawesome leaders. Ms Bailey did a fantastic demonstration, slightly off subject but useful nonetheless. 

I learned a lot about the eradication of squirrels, in case anybody needs my help. Thank you, Martine. I still love my gray squirrel though. 

The last issue I would like to address is my recent trip to France. I was invited by Mack and Sally Ann. If you've never been to Paris, I recommend you check out our trip. Not only was it a blast, it was also educational. Mack is an excellent tour guide and all he wanted for his hard work was a milk bone. What a treat, um, trip. Here, I have to apologize to my tour guide. I kinda popped back and forth from Paris to Los Angeles, because I had misplaced my itinerary. 
We're currently visiting Lyon
Photo courtesy of Mack and Sally Ann
Apparently, I look good even in pink

Thank you blog-furiends and blogland! I would never have broadened my horizons this much in a million years it if wasn't for you. 


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