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Monday, June 13, 2011

We've Gonne Quackers!!!

You can rest assured, when we go MIA even from a day of blogging, it's because something major has occured. Yesterday, I mentioned doubling our population at home. Today, I'm going to share photos of the new family addition.

Nope, that's not all, sillies! I said we doubled!

Nope! Mooore!

That's more like it!
We have the ducks from creekhiker visiting. Their story begins HERE.

Creekhiker did not have the facilities for the duck family, so they called M. Duh! Of course, we can take the family in until they're ready to be set free--in about 2 months.

*Within a few minutes, the duck family did a literal blog hop.*

 Rabbies'-breath loves the ducks.

 All of us dogs love the ducks, but, for some reason, the ducks don't seem as fond of us.

 Regardless, we get our entertainment.

We sure do!

Let's see . . . first there were 13 of us . . . BOL

Can't wait for duck season!

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