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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Conspiracy Theory

Mom bought me a brand new dog bed yesterday. She said it was just for ME. Butt, Pedro, the devilishly mischievous yellow rat-cha, had other plans. He got Frankie, the brindle chicken-wienie, to plot against me, aaand to take over MY pressie!        

A pox on them both! A pox on them both! A pox on them both!

Happy in and on my brand new bed

That didn't last long
First take over by Pedro

Me, giving Pedrito a piece of my mind

Peace temporarily restored, but I'm still upset


That didn't last long
Pete is a "determined" little fella

Check out Frankie's face. The brindle chicken-wienie may have a conscience after all. Can't say the same about "the rat" however. He's enjoying his zzzs... 

I miscalculated and decided to "show them" by squeezing in

Ugh, so not worth it. I'm outta here 

Pedro looking all "innocente"
He's probably already thinking of his next move

Frankie holding her nose, running, and screaming, "Pedro! You how could you!
Mom sprayed some Febreze to my beautiful dog bed. In a couple of weeks, I should able to move back in.


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