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Friday, January 22, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (2)

Yay, Twinkie let me post again and I'm happy. It's Frankie the chiweenie, in case you forgot. It's been raining around the clock for days now. Linguini doesn't seem to care. She tucks herself in her extra small dog bed and sleeps. Twinkie's doing fine too. She spends most of her day lounging on her heating pads. I'm stuck at home all day long with nobody to play with. I feel like this:
This photo expresses my emotional state
(It's my beloved furiend Jude the mastiff, by the way)

That's why I decided to react. I'm not one to get bored easily, so I put together photos and videos to better introduce you to our latest barn furiend:
Cookie! A blue heeler puppy!

She's a bullet. She's a tad faster than I am. She runs like the wind. I think Mama's camera couldn't have done a better job capturing this:
Cookie's training for the Olympics
I wish I could see blue heeler puppies competing for real in the Olympics!

Cookie was saveded by local authorities. She was removeded from her home and taken to a dog shelter because a good person turned her awful owners in. Cookie is the only survivor. She lost her mama and her siblings who were even more abused than she was. She's got chronic dog mange, among other things, and nobody wanted to adopt her. I'm very happy to report what I overheard: she lookeded much worse when she was rescued. She's even put on weight already, of course she also gets regular meals now.
Okay, now I have to be honest like Twinkie's taughted me. I was in fear for my life when I first met The Blue Heeler Bullet.

In this video, Cookie comes to say hello for the first time.
If you could stop paying attention to how filthy our car is for a moment,
then you can witness my panic.

After a couple of nanoseconds, curiosity won. I decided to come out from hiding and face my fear.
But then I noticeded my dog treats Ha ha

Sweet, Cookie. I'm so sorry that I was afraid of her. Now I know how nice she really is and what a wonderful barn family addition she has maded. I can't wait to see her again--as soon as the yucky rainy weather goes away.
I love this bloggy stuff! This was much fun.
So long, my friends... Talk to you soon.

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Frankie The Chiweenie Bratwurst

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