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Monday, January 4, 2010

Trespasser Among Rescue Dogs

So, we're at our beloved barn enjoying the shockingly warming sunshine (my favorite weather, hot and sunny) when I spot this:
Her tag had a phone number and her name: Molly.

I found out later that she lives a couple of houses up the hill and that she loves our barn so much that every few days she runs away to visit us. She normally hangs behind the corral panels BOL! She thinks we can't see her. "Hola, amiga!"

Molly couldn't resist Linguini's charms. Still fearing for her life, she made her appearance. Notice her submission? Well, our Linguini certainly appreciates that. She's such a peace loving girl. Molly though got nervous again and off she went in the middle of the ring this time. Only problem was, the ring was otherwise occupied:
These are the regulars, the horse trainer's rescue dogs, don't they look like they belong?

Wait, what's that? Oh, yeah, there were at least five horses training when Molly decided to join the riders.

And there was Trixie too. The meanest and nastiest of the pack. I adore her and I admire her too. She should be more grateful than all the rest of us put together for being among the rescue dogs at our barn. She's lucky to have a forever home. 
Molly had to do a bit of running. She was being playful but she was also being careful with Trixie, the nasty chihuahua.

Finally, Molly came to her senses. She joined Linguini. Aaaah, aren't they so cute together? I sure think so. A few minutes after this photo was taken, the riders started to head home and took their dogs with them. Molly decided it was time for her to head back to her humans.
She was so lucky, look who came next!

It's Kujo's evil brother. I'd tell you his name, but we're still trying to figure it out. He was roaming the streets without his tags. I hope he finds his family soon, because otherwise I'm afraid momma's gonna bring him home. Rescue dogs are important in our life though, since we're all rescues in our home, so if that's what mom wants to do, then that's what we'll do!
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