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Thursday, October 7, 2010

S-ass-y Chiweenie

 Are you serious???

 I am confused! 

You really want a Show Us Your Hiney pet photo contest?

I didn't have those ass-pirations growing up, but by all means, I'm a rather agreeable chiweenie.
Happy moonings everybody!

Meanwhile . . . 
 Not again, Brindle-bum!
(I need some fresh air)

I am a teacup chihuahua and a lady. I refuse to share my booty shots, however, it appears that I'm a minority when it comes to voting for a body part for our next pet photo contest.

I ass-ume you've all guessed the answer by now!

Our next photo contest will be revolving around booties, tushies, moonings, dusters, keisters, arses, glutes . . .

Bottom line
We're going to be making (beeps) out of ourselves again.

Clarification: During the last contest, for obvious reasons, I had to exclude amphibians and those species with a well endowed tongue, there are no limits to the upcoming contest though. Even donkeys are welcome!

Warning: Perhaps you would like to carefully monitor your comments in the days to come. Who knows what kind of traffic we're going to attract.

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