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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dog Photo Contest on Valentine's Day

Some of you already know that our furiends at Bark.Sniff.Drool are doing a Valentine's Day dog photo contest via FB. I know, I got it, many of you don't care about the dreaded FB but I'm here to discuss The Photo-Session.
M, short for Momma and reminiscent of Bond, had been complaining today, ever since we got back from the pet store. All we got was some pizzle, some dog food, and IT, the reason for M's frustration. You see, M gets shopaholic tendencies only at the pet store, so she's come up with the term "bling" for anything that is unnecessary. IT was superfluous, IT was redundant. I shall now post some photos and ask you, kind furiends, to tell me, was IT really unessential? M got her answer alright.

We started the dog photo contest session with me. M's time was limited and she knew it. She used IT quickly before I knew what "wrapped" me.

Yikes! What's happening?

That's right, I'm winking. I'm DONE.

Lucky for M, she managed to get one more good shot, but for that, I need a drumroll.
Thank you!
The Shot

Within seconds, I had unwrapped myself, sparing my life. I ran to the adjoining couch as fast as I could but not without observing what happened next. The Brat (yeah, the chiweenie is just the Brat now) hopped on my couch and started posing. What a poser!
And then I had to listen to M: Yeah, that's right, great, you look hot baby, give it to me, tuuurn, excellent, look happy, look down, oh, wow, that's the shot... Should I go on? I think photos speak louder than words.

It was in the middle of the dog photo contest session that M all of a sudden saw the light. She actually put the camera down for a moment and with teary eyes exclaimed: "Sweetie, you love this. I'm so glad I got it!" Apparently, weird looking ITs from another planet are not considered bling any longer at my house.
Oh, How Cute!

Way to go, M. Not a bad dog photo contest shot, Frankie!
Now you know everything that transpired on my couch last night. As for what was going on on top of the pool table, some other time.

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