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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

See Spot Spend

A few fun and some rather interesting facts about the pet industry stats and trents:

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures:
1994 $17 billion
2010 $47.7 billion

Breakdown of the $47.7 billion:
Food                                                      $18.28 billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine                           $11.01 billion
Vet Care                                                 $12.79 billion
Live animal purchases                             $2.21 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding           $3.45 billion  

According to the National Pet Owner Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, 40% is the percentage that owns a DOG

Most important fact: dog owners buy 9.3 tennis balls a year (but current trends show that they are cutting back on supplies, with the exception of dog food, thank dog!)

Other wonderful facts that cannot be disputed are the world-wide efforts to reduce pets' carbon "paw" print, thus helping our planet. Many manufacturers are providing eco-friendly cat litter and other pet products. Others use recycled and recyclable products and containers...

Pets are welcome in more places across the country, including hotels, and dog friendly restaurants are becoming popular.

More and more well known companies, such as Paul Mitchell, Old Navy, and Harley Davidson, are now offering lines of pet products.

Of course we, pets in general, have something to offer back:
We help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, prevent heart disease, and help lower health care costs in general. We even help to fight depression!

We rule, furiends!

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