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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Global Animal Blogging Event

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, this year's GABE has been cancelled.

BOL: April Fool's!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Twinkie and I will be your hostess today. I am part of a furry large household that most people refer to as "the shelter" since we're all rescues. I mostly blog about my family and the crazy things we get into. A large part of our activities take place at a horse barn I frequent with my two canine sissies to play with other rescues and the horses. I sometimes rate animal-related products that I review. My sister, Frankie, posts on Fridays about her life as a young puppy in training, and I'm starting a weekly advice column, titled "Dear Twinkie". I am also the organized/coordinator of this event.
If any of you don't see your link up within 24 hours of emailing it, shoot me! (an email)

Here's a photo of our canine pack:

Grab a coffee or some good quality kibble and have a look around my blog. The event was created for the purpose of meeting new friends and furiends and to form international relationships. 

Remember that you can email me your GABE posts at twinkietinydogATaolDOTcom up to the 10th of April. I will keep updating the links as frequently as I possibly can. 

About my free giveaways now. You know the rules, to be eligible to win you must leave ONE comment from which I can link back to you for your prize. I'm afraid one giveaway won't do it for me. Last time I participated in a similar event I got just over 150 comments, so I decided to give out more than one free giveaways, one every 50 comments. On April 18th, I will use to pick the ... winners. 

Free Giveaways

My children's read-along book out.
You can read more about my book HERE 

Premiere Twist and Treat Dog Toy

And if I have more than 150 comments...I'll gladly give away more copies of my book because I'll be sooo happy the event went so well. I love getting free giveaways just as much as I like giving them. 

Thank you all for participating. Let's have a great time and make this a memorable event, until next year!

What you're still here? Go on, visit our other participants by clicking on the GABE badge at the top of my sidebar!


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