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Monday, March 1, 2010

Catnip Toy Review | Nip/Tox

Frankie here, Twinkie still ici!

Have you heard the saying, When the cat's away, the mice will play? What happens when the cat is Twinkie and the mice are the cats? As Twinkie's assistant, it is my sad doody to let you know about some terrible things going on in my home. Yup, yup, another cat-astrophe. They broke out the catnip filled cigars!!!
You see, dear furiends?
What makes this extra remarkable is the fact that all three cats are together. 
Let's see how this develops.

Jet is a well known catnip toy addict
You can clearly see the catnip effects here

And so is Bob
Catnip effects obvious

Look who else decided to use, catnip
Our maine coon cat, Max!

Max suddenly realized Jet was too close to him.
He raised The Paw

Jet did not like this one bit. 
After this photo, there were two cats (Jet scrammed)

Twinkie should be very proud of me, I even made a video.

For all my kat-furiends drooling over this, I know I shouldn't but I'll tell ya anyway. These are YEOWW! Catnip Cigars. Fittingly, I discovered them through my cat-furiends over at I Love Catnip, true story BOL Thank you, 3 city katz! Now, if you love your cat and don't mind the crazy misbehavior, get them a Yeoww! As you can see, Yeoww! Cigars got an A+ at my home. If anybody questions this, just tell them that Frankie & The Cats recommend them. 
I am terribly sad to tattle, but like I said earlier, I felt it was my doody. Now go have a nice day and don't worry about me. I can always run for cover on my Linguini's bed.


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