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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chihuahua Puppy Pictures II

Chihuahua Pictures

Oh, the abuse ... Somebody call a wambulance for Pedro. For the record, I wish M would have left him hanging there, but instead she brought him back home where he proceeded to attack and bite all of us. He stole all the pieces of our new bully sticks, and our beloved cow hooves (a stuffed cow hoof is one of my favorite dog chews), and the . . .  He bit our faces, our ears; poor arthritic senior dog sees him coming and she starts to shake. The cats are attacked midair, then they come crashing down with the chihuahua puppy still attached to them. Yesterday, at puppy playtime, THIS chihuahua puppy made an 80lb bulldog bleed--true story. There's no puppy training el diablo. I think he's about to be kicked out of puppy playtime permanently. I'll keep you posted.

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