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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Three Legged Dog

I may have four legs, but only three of those function. An occasional dog vet will ask M to amputate my leg, but she resists. She says that there is no reason to cut off my leg if it's not causing any problems. I so agree with her. Imagine this scrawny three legged teacup chihuahua having to adjust, again!

I would like to keep my fourth leg for balance, thank you very much!

Enough about me. This past weekend I was at a horse show and to my astonishment and pleasure, I saw two three legged dogs. Yup, yup, we rule!

The beige girl on the right is Angel
She's wearing the pink dog harness

Angel is a three legged dog. She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she belongs to a dog vet. Let me tell you how she got her name and why her mommy is a vet. Perhaps you've guessed it already. The proud parents of Angel, refused to pick her up and pay the bill when she had to have her leg amputated. Their bad. Angel is . . . an angel and a doll. She's adorable, very active, and incredibly well adjusted and content in her new home. 

This pink dog is Angel's sister
She's sporting a pink do to match Angel's pink harness and pink leash
I bet Angel can outrun her!

I tried to catch up to this three legged dog, but I wasn't fast enough.
Maybe I'll catch him at the next horse show, but I though he looked rather cool.

Let me show now something four legged dogs can't do.
No comment

Being a three legged dog has another advantage. In my case, I'm the only one of my pack that gets daily massages. M says I need my spine adjusted and massaged constantly because of my bad posture. I love my massages and I love being a technically three legged dog! Cheers to all 3 legged dogs out there!!!


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