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Thursday, July 22, 2010

AKC Canine Good Citizen Atrocities

Monday was Roxie's (the brindle boston terrier's) dress rehearsal, the last class before the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Last week, M forgot to show up for the class, meaning, there was no chiweenie to practice step #8, Reaction to Another Dog, and there was no post about Roxie's improvement either. Let me tell you, if that dog does not pass the CGC next week, I'll eat catnip! Roxie, as hyper and unruly as she started out, is now unofficially a canine great citizen. This intro serves as a warning, so you don't get shocked by the outtakes and the chiweenie's take on Roxie's last class.

Class started out the usual way.
"You want me to do what? And for no treats?"
I just love opinionated terriers!

A hug from mom made it all better.

Well, almost.

On your marks, get set . . . wait a minute!

Class disruption, a welcome one.
The chiweenie loves children, as for Roxie, she was on her best behavior.
As for the child's mom, too cool for words, so her child is already dog savvy and an animal lover. 

The chiweenie got locked in the pet store's grooming area, so everybody could focus on Roxie.
The chiweenie is not very happy away from M, but you can see that. 

From that point on, Roxie's training went smoothly-ish.

Roxie remained skeptical but compliant.

The crowd went wild with joy as our future canine good citizen got her graduation star and a large baggie of dog treats (for her trouble).

But this, we did not expect!
Brindle-bum got a star too, aaand a baggie of dog treats to bring, ehem, home.

Roxie's mom is reading my blog, well, at least the posts about Roxie. Feel free to wish her good luck (not that she'll need any). And if the dog trainer ends up reading this post: three cheers for trainer extraordinaire. You managed the impossible! By believing in us and our dogs and by using only positive discipline, you've given us the opportunity to turn them around and make them safe and enjoyable for us the owners/handlers/parents and everybody they come in contact. 

Next week, I will be proud to announce that Roxie has sealed the deal and earned her dog treats. 


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