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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did Somebody Say Dog Treats?

We went on an exquisite hike just the other day with our friends the rhodesian ridgebacks. We were a sight for sore eyes: The senior dog, the two powerful rhodies, the tiny three legged dog, moi, and the crazy chiweenie. After our dog hiking expedition, we were invited back at the rhodies' house for dog treats!

Give us the dog treats you promised!

I will pass out if I don't get my dog chews now!

I don't get what the teacup chihuahua is complaining about

My dog treat, mine

I'm going to hide under those covers until I get my treats

Life is fair, life is good
(please stop drooling over my blog)

There is nothing better in life than a juicy marrow bone. They make awesome treats for dogs of all sizes. If you're a giant breed, you'll enjoy your tongue as a giant scooper, spooning the marrow out. If you're a tiny chihuahua, you'll enjoy sticking your head inside the bone licking all the juicy marrow. It's a win win proposition. We keep our marrow bones frozen for added difficulty and endless enjoyment. And when the marrow's all gone, we use refills from anything from peanut butter to cheese. Those are the easiest homemade dog treats any biped can make to keep us busy for hours, plus they're cost effective. With marrow bones you get dog treats and dog chews in one!

Get your own dog treats!

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