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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Max World Tour | Golden Retriever Pictures

Golden retrievers rule!

I dedicate this post to you, my South African furiend. You are the happy optimist and this post is going to stay true to your character. We're about to have fun at the Mediteranean together. Ready? Let's go, Max! 

Golden Retriever Pictures 

Here we are on a cruise boat. We're about to cross the world famous Corinth Canal.

The Isthmus joins the mainland of Greece with the Peloponnese Peninsula. It is made out of limestone and rises approximately 300 feet above sea level. For centuries, mariners had to go out of their way to go between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. In the late 19th century the journeys shortened after the completion of the Corinth Canal. Every year thousands of hundreds of tourists come to admire. Max was here too. I can prove it!

Linguni is busy smelling for artifacts, Twinkie is doing a classic bunny pose, Frankie is being a brat, a bat a chiweenie, and you, Max, the happiest of golden retrievers, you're the gentleman you were meant to be. 

This wasn't an educational trip only. As usual, we had to make time for play. Before we left the friendly Mediterranean Sea, we had to have a blast. What should we do? What did you say, Max? Tubing? Your wish shall be fulfilled.

We put you in the middle so we can help you back up on the float, in case our driver's nutty; you never know with them Greeks. You can bet the lifeguard was taking a siesta though.

Max Tour | Golden Retriever Pictures
are complete

Whenever you decide to take your bow, remember us, your forever furiends. We didn't exactly paint the town red for you, but we did paint our blogs in your honor. Heck, we're a mighty community: we painted the Internet for you. It's our way of letting the World know that MAX WAS HERE, because the we will never forget. 

Twinkie and The Gang

My Pug

My pug - my guy

I accept

For the really curious ones: MY BEAU, the gorgeous pug. And for those who are still curious and perhaps a bit dense: His blog.


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