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Friday, March 26, 2010

Chihuahua Inspirationz

I was reading my furiends' blogs this morning when one of them in particular caught my attention. It was Life With Dogs. If you haven't been there, I have to warn you, it's very scary. Apparently, poor Nigel has to pose as a... gazelle! True thing, furiends. Check it out if you don't believe me! Wild Dogs, Pt. 1 I kept trying to push past that when OMD it got even worse. Poor Nigel was now compared to a stink bug! After a quick chuckle--I was over my initial shock--I got to thinking.

Strangely, I too get compared to a gazelle or a deer just like Nigel.

Even more strangely, just like Nigel, I'm often called "a bug"
Specifically, a doodle bug. Anybody know what that is?
I also get called "dancing cockroach" and "la cucaracha" as in the bug, not the song

See, furiends, inspiration can hit you at any given moment. I went from absolute shock and horror to imitation. (You should be flattered, Nigel)

On the other hand, Nigel and I got off lucky. We didn't have to endure the debasement Puddles had to endure (BOL). Check out this lookalike! My condolences, Puddles.

* * *

Speaking of inspiration, have you guys visited the Country Corgis recently? They are promoting a great cause and they tagged me. For the record: I was inspired before I got tagged. The organization they're supporting is the Children's Miracle Network, a non profit that raises funds for children's hospitals. 

Hershey's will donate to the Children's Miracle Network $10 for every blog post about this blog-hopping event that ends on April 4th. So, everybody feel free and encouraged to join Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop and help raise $5,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. 

Copy and paste these rules to your blog post:
Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
Leave your link at comment section.
Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

I'm going to start with my good furiend Mabel at Creekhiker. Mabel wants her own boy; A real human peanut to play with. You might as well start out by helping out these boys, Mabel.
My furiend Mayzie's blog gets a basket as well. I've only know her and her Brudder Ranger for a short while, but I certainly appreciate how sharp and eloquent their blog and comments are.
I have two more new furiends you guys may want to visit. They're the crazy Auggie and Riley, both rescues and both rather mischievous. Their blog is called The Boodee Boodah Tribe and they make a lovely addition to our animal blogdom.

* * *
Last I would like to mention an email I recently received. It was from somebody I didn't know and I was skeptical at first. They had posted an article they asked me to share. Hmm, what's up with that? Well, I checked out the article and found it to be very informative and I think you will all find it rather interesting. The title is "10 Amazing Ways Dogs Have Helped Advance Medicine". We all know how important we are, but it's nice to have that knowledge recognized and appreciated! Check it out!

Feel free to take a nap after this looong post. I'm going to need two naps myself. 

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