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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Petco Lockdown

¡ Ay Caramba ! Pedro, the chihuahua puppy did it again. M took him to puppy playtime at our local Petco, as she tries to do every Monday, in order to "socialize" him. Yeah, right. Last time he was there, he bit a bulldog on its head. M apologized profusely to the owner, a gracious lady, and luckily there were no vet bills involved. Yesterday, instead of biting his playmates, Pedro decided he was small enough to get out of the enclosure used for puppy playtime. M was busy yapping away with the other dog owners, when she noticed the trouble-child had left. The store was on instant alert, the doors sealed shut, and the wonderful employees got on the PA and started making announcements.
Pedro returned on his own, looking terrified and rather upset with M for ditching him!!!
Petco-peace was once again restored, but class was dismissed early (huh). M is wondering when she and Pedro will be kicked out for good . . .

"Wasn't me."

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