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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Photo Contest Again?

Enough is Enough, Mommy Dearest

My momma wanted me to participate in the National Train Your Dog Month Photo Contest, an officially sanctioned Mango Minster 2010 event. That's when I started questioning her sanity. I mean, okay mommy dearest, but I think that Mango Minster, the valentine's dog photo contest, Biggie's Dog Pile competition, and piano lessons, is overkill. I refused. I've always refused to allow M to train me anyways. Huh! So, I did what all good family members do, I volunteered my Linguini and my Frankie, because they're both so trainable. Their photo session was this past Sunday and it went surprisingly well.


My skill was positively enforced using duck a l'orange, a favorite of mine. My human didn't want to be seen with me, so she's standing off to the side, but I'm sure you can feel the good relationship between us, or should I call it chemistry? The paparazzo, mi mom, is taking the photo. I'm feeling very positive about everything because I secretly love getting all the attention, plus I view this as a warm up for my SitStay contest entry. How do I look?

COMMAND: On top of your house! Now sit!
Linguini's dog photo contest entry


My skill is very difficultest. I just graduated from dog obedience training school, but my dog trainer has yet to mail me my graduation photos (I still love her though, especially if she's reading this post). Anyhow, I did really well in my dog training class, but there was one thing I just couldn't figure out: I didn't understand why Momma wanted to touch my leg. Why, Momma, why? But then my human sis came by the other day and she totally explained it to me. Now, I can teach anybody, tee hee. My human sissy, the one I visit the barn with, doesn't visit often enough, so I always do whatever she asks of me. She gaved me treats (kisses) and positive reinforcement as Momma snapped this photo:

Frankie's dog photo contest entry

* * *
One more piece of news. I received the Sweet Friends Award from Stella, Gunther, and Betty AND from Madi and her Mom. What can I say other than thank you, I may be a bit abrupt or outspoken, but, deep down, I am sweet and I'm undeniably a good furiend!

The rules:
Rule #1. Copy the image to your blog (check)
Rule #2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today
1. I love blogging (doing it)
2. Lie out in the sun and collect the heat (did that this morning)
3. Play with my sissies (it's ongoing)
4. Steal the cat food (possibly later or asap)
5. Hikes (Moooom!)
6. Chewing on my Duck A 'Orange treats (at least once a day)
7. Leave comments on my furiends blogs (I'll be doing tons of that today)
8. Helping old people cross the street (hasn't happened yet)
9. Curling up on my heating pad (ongoing)
10. Listening to my momma (there's always a chance she'll read my posts)
Rule #3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day (loose interpretation)
Blog #1
Dexter's new blog aka Mango's old blog. I've laughed a lot at Dexter's underhanded and subtle way of forcing the enormous RH out of his own blog and home soon. In case anybody is looking for Mango you can find him here.
Frankie (the good Frankie) despite the fact that we can't open a restaurant together. Frankie's worried about his luxurious mane catching on fire, whereas I'm virtually hair free.
Blog #3
Coco, for being fearless and styling at the same time!
Blog #4
Jazzi, because I love rascals and you must admit it, he's one. Plus he did a magnificent job with his Sit Stay entry.
Blog #5
Kissa-Bull for asking me to join the roaming comedians.
Blog #6
Paco, Milo, Maya, and Simona. My family and I ar so grateful that Simona aka Mommy is alive!
Blog #7
Jack! What can I say, I love to laugh and I always will. Thanks, Jack.
Blog #8
Penny, who just became a media star, in the hopes she's can hook me up. BOL
Blog #9
Stella and her world. There's a hidden agenda here. I want her to still like me when I try my own version of my favorite Tuesday post: Ali Z
Blog #10
Thunder and Phantom. Other than the fact that I need a dictionary to translate their Siberish when I read their posts, all I can say is "Happy Toothsday" BOL

Thank you ALL furiends for making blogging so much fun!
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