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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cats and Dogs (and Humans)

I'm here to share a sad sad story...

In our home, cats and dogs, we all get along. M is our mom, our keeper, and our sole food provider, so we should all love her, right? Noot...

Take Gigi Smudge, for example. 

See Gigi's pissed off look?
It's permanent.
And even though she was born here, at our house, in M's home office; even though she was solely raised by her mom and M; even though she's spent all nine months of her life with M feeding her. She won't let poor M touch her. 

As for the cat and dog situation:

 No problem (if you ignore the look of distaste in the spotted dog's face).

 Gigi even gets along with Pedrito!

While our poor M gets no TLC from this cat...

So M just sits back, sighs, and watches Gigi Smudge sharpen her claws on her speakers!

Cats and dogs do get along at mi casa, but we're not all sure what to think about humans.


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