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Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Next Pet Photo Contest

The Show Us Your Tongue pet photo contest was so much fun for everyone involved that I had an "aha" moment. The way to go is... various body parts. I am now thinking that the theme for my next pet photo contest will be: EARS

As I am currently recovering from Show Us Your Tongue, while I catch up on my work and chores, I'm brainstorming. Ears, bellies, be-hinds? I'm going to test them all, starting with the ears.

I have invited a few furiends to help me with my assessment.

First, we have the love goat demonstrating extreme ear action.

The chiweenie is doing a helicopter ear demonstration

The horse is demoing shaking ears

And, I, the teacup chihuahua, am doing a public demonstration of the boo-boo ear.

I wonder how this will go down in the animal blog-dom. Let's all catch our breaths and decide later as to the potential of such a theme for a pet photo contest.

Have a lovely week!


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