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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dachshund Pictures | Dog Training Tips

It's obvious that my family and I are crazy about Dexter the doxie and we can't get enough. Today, I want to post his sweet dachshund pictures demonstrating step by step how he spends his day at the horse barn.

He enjoys grazing with his horse and his doxie brother, PT

He supervises PT's expeditions to China

He's always on the alert and watches over his horse
or under in this case

He's big on sunbathing, but I don't know why
He's already tan

He takes time to stop and smell the rails

He hangs out with the horse barn's brat pack
All rescue dogs
[Two dachshund puppies and a gremlin/chihuahua mix]

He sunbathes some more

And here are Dexter's dog training tips
Dog training tip 1: play dead possum and lie still

Dog training tip 2: wait for the barn socks

Ta-da! What do you know? Once more Dexter the doxie was airlifted to his limo. I would try it myself if I dared. With M being so forgetful though, it's a risk. Feel free to try it and give us your feedback. 

Dexter pictures over
(for now)

It's a rescue dog's life, but somebody's got to live it. Happy Mother's Day!

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