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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Going Strong

This has been the most significant National Dog Week of my life. I am constantly aware of where I came from therefore I feel grateful every minute of the day. I love my forever home, my family, my furiends, my life. Add to all this the pet photo contest "Show Us Your Tongue" and I am one ecstatic teacup chihuahua! 

I want to thank everybody for their contageous excitement. It keeps me wagging my tail as I go over the multitude of entries that keep pouring in. It also keeps me up at night, but that's okay, because I love it!
I only have two concerns:

One canine furiend sent me a worrysome note. She said she wouldn't pose her tongue for her human. Whaaa-t? Ever heard of peanut butter? Nope, no mercy, you have to SHOW US YOUR TONGUE. 

My other concern is the bad rep we may be getting as vital members of the animal blog-dom. Ever wondered what impression a new visitor would get visiting animal blogs in the last couple of days? They're going to think we're rude. BOL

Speaking of rude . . .

Boomer, the teacup chihuahua

The Love Goat

Show Us Your Tongue!

Twinkie, the incredibly enraptured rescue chi

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