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Friday, May 7, 2010

Frankie's Friday (17) | Brave Chiweenie Canine Good Citizen

Hello! Frankie here, the canine good citizen. Now that school is out, I'm feeling much happier and betterer. I have complained enough. For a change, today I would like to share brave chiweenie pictures and cheerful stories of my life.

The happier new me

After all my dog training, I don't feel the need to hide in the bushes any longer

I would rather take cover in a horse tack trunk

Tee-hee, just kidding
I only hid there for a few minutes

I am now more outgoing and social

Ever since Linguini, the noodle, got better, we haven't stayed still. We're enjoying our hikes and horse barn visits, with the exception of a couple of unfortunate incidents. 

I once got stuck in the mud
(kk, three times)

There are my muddy chiweenie paw prints
Proof that I worked really hard to get unstucked

Later, all wet and muddy, I got stuck on a steep hill
What do you mean you don't believe it was steep?

It was very steep and I had to overcome all my fears to decide to climb down

By the end of our outings, I'm always ready to go home
Are we going, mommy?

I am the happiest chiweenie on the planet. I have a fun loving family, dog food in my bowl, fresh water at all times, and a nice wee pad just for me! 

Ta-ta for now. I hope we all have a lovely weekend.
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