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Friday, July 1, 2011

Italian Greyhuahua's Woes

Lately, my sissy, Frankie, the ex-chiweenie most definitely Italian Greyhuahua mix, BOL, is being referred to as Walking Sorrow (yes, we all have Indian names).

Walking Sorrow's Woes

 First, the duck and her adorable ducklings arrived

 Then, the Great Danes, that stole the humans' affections

 Yes, both of them

 Hey, make some room


 Twinkie, will you share some kibble with me?
(Yeah, right)

No wonder they call me what they call me. What the duck?! I'm a designer dog.
I also used to be the family's darling, but now . . .


a story in photos

by Twinkie

Author's note: Frankie is a DRAMA QUEEN. The above photos were reenactments to support her viewpoint. We're all getting along, we're all taken care of, and we're all in excellent health and spirits.
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