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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Whole Lotta Tooting Going On

A uniquely disturbing aroma has been cutting through our breathing air in  my home, recently. At first, we blamed it on the skunk family that lives under out hot tub, wrong! Then on the mold that bloomed after our house flooded (I'll spare you those photos), but it just didn't seem right either. The assaults were potent and they hit in waves, randomly but consistently.

Just yesterday, Frankie, Linguini, and I were passed out on the lawn taking in every ray of the sun in anticipation of a rather stormy weekend when M (think James Bond), decided to join us. She got her supplies (coffee cup and camera) and came outside. Aaaah, she stretched and smiled at us. But then her expression changed and she startled us all by jumping up and down, spilling her coffee, and yelling, "AHA! I finally figured it out!" Huh? We all stared at her clueless and annoyed by the interruption, plus she was being disruptive.

This is what got M all worked up

Frankie who doesn't know to stay out of M's way when she's agitated, went to investigate

I knew then that we were all busted. We had all been secretly visiting a remote part of our yard enjoying fresh fruit off our trees for days, but we had been discreet about it. I had warned Frankie to hide hers better, but she's only a baby after-all, I can't expect much from her. Poor M, now that I think about it, she must be suffering. Linguini spends most of her day right by her side, sleeping and tooting. I spend much time in her arms, tooting quietly. As for Frankie, you know how she sleeps!

Need I say more?
Actually I want to say one more thing about Frankie's sleeping habits because it's the only time of the day this chiweenie exhibits any signs of dog intelligence. 

I don't have a photo, so I'm going to ask you to use your imagination.
Imagine me being Frankie. Okay?
Now, imagine my head being Frankie's other end.
One last visualization: think of M's head on that pillow right next to Frankie's rear.
Mind you, Frankie only sticks her duster out of the cover after she's tooted. You understand now why I think she maybe smart after all?

I apologize for the dirty post, but I felt it was necessary. I was hoping it might be helpful to some of--especially if you have access to citrus fruit.


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