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Saturday, January 23, 2010

How To Train Your Cat | Not So Much Walking

Another Cat-astrophe!
A bit of walking, a lot of eating, and tons of tugging is more like it. BOL I feel like breaking into a song: "Who let the katz out? Woof, woof, woof, woof!" Let me translate for the ones still waking up: catwalk=disorder+confusion! They, the cats, have actually caused me so much uncertainty that I'm torn. What am I?

What am I?

Now to the real katz. While Maximilian our XXXL Maine Coon cat acts like the purrfect gentleman, I can't say the same about the twins. Bob and Jet aren't the cat's pajamas. Watch this:
I think Bob confused roll with stroll

He eventually took his first steps.
Look at the baby!

And here are two how to train your cat videos to demonstrate the perfect walking refusal technique.
Courtesy of Bob

Courtesy of Jet

And finally, The Cat Walk
(this is boring)
Not to be confused with Khyra's walks!

In the end, both katz were happy with their "walk". Jet ended up eating instead of cat food a bunch of grass too. Another way of saying this is, Momma ended up cleaning up after her. Haaaa...

Waaaait: I'm not done. I just found out it's my friend, Stella's, fourth birthday today and I want to wish her a Happy Birthday filled with walkies, purple armchairs, many fabulous walks at the beach and anything she desires. Gunther and Betty, I'm sure you'll get some cake too. Four toots for Stella!!!!

A Dog Vet Visit and Adventures in Not So Sunny California

The day didn't start off so well. We got news that a furiend of ours was sick. She had to go to visit the dog vet. She'll be fine, but we all got to thinking: Life is short. Why not live a little? Momma started going through the "we're going on a hike" motions. What was she thinking, that we were going to catch a break between the storms? Wrong. Regardless, we all love a good adventure and we'd do anything to get away from our home. Linguini and Frankie leapt in the car as I waited for the large hand/ramp. By the time we parked, it was pouring. We stayed in wait for a few minutes.

This is what I call anticipation!

We couldn't stay there forever. We proceeded with our plan and soon enough, I ran into an obstacle.
I gave my momma the sweetest most pleading look...

...but she was determined to let me deal.
I did! I did!

We were almost at the car, when we were faced with another situation: a bunny wabbit. The soundtrack is courtesy of our fire department. It's a constant reminder of the horrible Station Fire and the current mess. At first, Linguini, as most spotted dogs, even though she's a dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix, thought she should follow the sirens, but then came the bunny.

It was finally time to head home. We were soaked to our bones. The ride back was quiet. We were all trying to shake off the cold and we were tired. We were happy to lie down and enjoy the sweet smell of wet dogs. Aaaah.
Uh-oh! I hear the momma's sneezers. If she caught a cold, I'll be sad because she will have to pay the dog vet a visit, but a cold would also mean that she's cooking chicken soup. Slurp!


PS: A note to all my furiends, friends, and followers. I'm so sorry! All this time I've been uploading super-sized videos. Those days are o-ver. Now they're exactly the size they should be. My apologies, especially to those with the lowest band width.
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