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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Transport Your Dogs

There are many methods of dog transport available these days and it gets confusing. Let me clarify.

This is by far the SAFEST method of transportation
That is why the chiweenie and I poo-hoo it

This is our Linguini's favorite dog car seat in the car
She makes an excellent co-driver

This is . . .
"Hey, chiweenie, get out of our car. If you're driving, I'm outta here!"

When your chiweenie misbehaves, stick her in the trunk

You see, we do have a nice and save a dog car seat
M bought a double one for Frankie and me

BUT I am a teacup chihuahua and 

I wanted it all to myself
Say your prayers chiweenie and hope we never have to break!

Obviously there are many alternate methods of dog transport, such as train-hopping, but I'll demonstrate that at a later date.

Remember, this post was created by professionals who took extra measures to ensure the safety of our dog models. It is NOT safe to try on your own.

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