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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bandit-Masked Intruders

We had some not-so-welcome company inside our garage last night.


One of the raccoons was missing an eye. He looked really scary. What's even more hair-raising is that raccoons are adaptable feeders, which means they will eat just about anything, from fish, mice, trash, tiny dogs . . . 

Raccoons are troublemakers and dangerous. They can also weigh 25lbs or more. Luckily, they're nocturnal, so during the day, all of us small dogs get to roam around our yard and take in the sun's rays.

They wreak havoc frequently at our home. They eat all our fish from the pond, attack the chickens in the middle of the night, and sometimes they even manage to open our food bins and eat all the dog food!

I do not like raccoons and that's final. Now, I'm sure you'll all believe me when I tell you that M has even raised a baby raccoon, but that was before my time.

These raccoons were lucky M was here. Had I been watching the house on my own, I would have taught them a lesson they'd never forget!


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