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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pregnant Cat Emergency Foster

Just when M said she wasn't able to adopt another pet, along comes a pregnant cat in need of a home, prenatal and post natal care, and a bunch of kittens who will also need a home. M says this one is just a foster but she's said that before. We don't know anything yet. We've been educating ourselves over the past few days, and I'll have tons of cat pregnancy information and tips real soon. The kitty however, couldn't wait to make her blog debut. I hereby present you with Farrah, the feral ghetto kitty from South Central L.A. For the skeptics, do not fret. This is going to be Farrah's one and only litter! Snip snip...

The pregnant cat has just arrived at her new home
She's tiny and probably real young too

She decided to explore the famous yellow bathroom first
Not sure why, but all our cats love this bathroom

Max, the Maine Coon cat, was the welcome committee
After this initial encounter, they both forgot about each other
The tailless twins though, can't stand the poor kitty

I, the teacup chihuahua, had to say "hello" too
I just prefer a safe distance

She soon found the clean laundry pile
Please don't have the kitten birth there

Affectionate pregnant cat

Flashing her pregnant tummy

Her first catnip experience
She sniffed but showed no other interest in it

Farrah's arrival was a shocker. We have no idea when the kittens are due since we don't know how long Farrah has been pregnant. We're going to do right by her and love and nurture her for now. We are both excited and a tad nervous. Welcome to our family,

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