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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's His Fault (Again)

The tiny puppy has been a major disruption. As soon as we all (cats and dogs) started recovering from the introductions with the "foster" pregnant cat and later her kittens, ta-da, tiny dog comes around and life's out of control again.

The chiweenie and I are on puppy patrol during the day,
but he still doesn't sleep through the night. 

At night, Charlie, the tuxedo kitten is in charge of puppy sitting.

The puppy only sleeps when he likes,
but that's okay because . . .

. . . at least he doubles as a pawesome hat!
( I sure hope anybody from PETA doesn't see this)

In all seriousness, this tiny two pound puppy, is a paw-full. The whole house is torn about his presence. The one who is most affected is Frankie, the chiweenie, M's barnacle dog. Frankie is torn and confused. On one paw, she is a "momma's girl" and can't stand the puppy taking up M's time, on the other, she can't resist the puppy, so she loves playing with him, when M pretends she's not looking. 
Today, puppy went for his first dog vet visit. Other than the disconcerning facts that he hasn't gained but a couple of ounces in two weeks and that the vet thinks he's a chihuahua, he checked out. He got his shots and we're all hoping he'll sleep through the night. 

Twinkie, the cranky teacup chihuahua
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