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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fresh Out Of The Dog Shelter

That is the question. When this dog was adopted into my family, from the Pasadena Humane Society, a dog shelter, she was initially named Daisy. Her sister was Rosie, a glorious Chocolate Labrador,  and the family tradition had to go on. Well, this Daisy broke it. She was never a "daisy-dog". She was something else. Finally, a couple of weeks at our home, she was renamed Linguini, because she's always excited and wiggles her body just like wet noodle. I love my wiggly sissy!

Daisy/Linguini as a pup

My sister has spent the better part of her life escaping. Yes, she would run away from home. I don't get it, since we live on an acre of land, but Linguini couldn't stay put. I've seen her climb a fig tree! I've seen her climb a chain-link fence. I've seen her dig! She's unstoppable, but she's apparently street savvy too, since she always makes it back home safe and full of the cat food she's "stolen" during her escapades. When she wouldn't come home immediately, our mom would jump in the car and go look for her in the neighborhood. Linguini loves car rides.

Civilian Passenger

Recently, Linguini got a tumor. Mom was frantic and scared. She loves us all so much that she became scared that Linguini would "not make it". I'm an optimist. I just waited to hear what the vet had to say. The dog vet did a biopsy and determined that Linguini had a benign tumor, yay, but Mommy was still worried. Linguini wasn't moving around much and she just seemed "not herself." I tried to get her to play with me, but she wasn't in the mood, huh. Frankie, the Chiweenie, tried to play with her, and she got growled at, huh? We're a close-nit family, what's up with that.

Then we went on a hike and the dalmatian german shorthaired pointer mix sat down and refused to move. We gave her a break and then headed home. Mom was desperate by now. She started talking to her friends and one of them recommended special joint supplements from the dog vet. Mom didn't wait a beat. Linguini was on supplements and two days later....

I feel good! Na nana nana na na...

The dog vet helped quite a bit, but a little taste of whipped cream and Linguini is back 1000%

Nowadays, my beloved sister, who is ten years old, is regressing. That is the best news. She wiggles, hops,  skips, and plays around like she was a puppy herself.  I love you sis!

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