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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Heeler Break

Got some fun blue heeler pictures of my barn friends, the rescue dogs, Holly and Maddie.

I hope you enjoy Sunday's Blue Heeler Pictures!
[The little confused pink dot is the comic relief]

 Check out the athleticism of this ol' girl.
Maddie, straining to grab the ball mid-air, is a senior dog. She's almost 12 years old.
And many more good years, furiend!

 Maddie and the rest of her rescue dog siblings, obviously a rather mixed pack, having "a ball".

 Boomer, the chihuahua attached to Maddie's tail . . . well that's where he spends his time when they play ball. Yes, always.


 The two blue heelers have had enough for now.
[And the pink dot moves in, look closely]

He he [the coast is clear]. Enjoy, brave chihuahua puppy . . .

Have a lovely Sunday!

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