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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Going Stronger

National Dog Week | Day 5

I was thinking that this year we should extend National Dog Week and have it last a month, but my petition did not have sufficient grounds. No worries, I'll start working on it for next year. 


The entries keep coming in. So many beautiful, quirky, twisty, pink, purple, long, short, round . . . tongues in animal blog-land! I'm stunned. Needless to say, my quirky mom is thrilled! She's not complained once for having to stay up with me to go over the entries. We're both grateful for the enthusiasm and support of my good ol' blog furiends and the new ones I meet along the way. I am also extra excited because I'm getting a preview of the next G.A.B.E (Global Animal Blogging Event). It's going to rock the animal blog-dom big time!

I will stop accepting entries for the Pet Photo Contest at midnight, this coming Saturday. I am frantically going over photos and blog posts and emails therefore, I will let you know in the next couple of days when they'll all be up for your viewing and voting pleasure. I'm aiming for this Sunday. Please stay tuned. Like I've said before, I thought this was going to be a mini contest. BOL the joke's on me!

Today, I would like to use some photos to encourage your efforts:

by our furiends, the three legged dog duo

If this ain't a tongue shot!
(photo courtesy of my senior dalmatian sister, Linguini)
I can feel the passion.

Markus the horse
He can do this for hours!
He's also a superb athlete. Lucky for you, he will not partake in our pet photo contest.

Last, but, by no means, least . . . I present you
Twinkie, the tiny teacup chihuahua

The last shot has educational purposes. It's for those parents who were unable to get a tongue shot. I suggested peanut butter, and whipped cream, but there's always an alternative. Use your imagination humans!

Off to enjoy the lovely photo entries and start putting them in order. Have a fabulous rest of our National Dog Week!

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