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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grateful Teacup Chihuahua Pictures

I may be tiny, but my gratitude is enormous. I was so shocked and surprised to receive not just one, but two packages in the mail just yesterday. The first one was from my friend, Sally Ann. She said that her thoughtful mommy came up with the idea. 

At first, I was suspicious of the package

At first glance, the content made me wince
I am a chihuahua!
Of course, I hadn't realized it wasn't meant for me

As I was saying, not only am I a chihuahua, this thing was meant for someone much larger than I am, an irish wolfhound perhaps. 

Get those smelly socks off me
I can't possibly be 510 years old, can I?

My fabulous and well mannered spotted sister had to model
 The chiweenie couldn't recognize her and had to come up close for a good sniff

Thank you, Sally Ann and her mommy. Our thoughts are with your family these days. We wish Lord McDuff, the eskie, a spectacular come back (I hope you remembered to get him down from the door knob). 

The second package, was from Puddles, the model, um, the doxie, as I found out after I got help opening it. You see, I don't open suspicious packages as I don't accept candy or rides from stranger. As I was saying, I asked for help. I invited the cats because . . . they have many lives.

The great Max, the maine coon cat, gave his seal of approval
Bob seconded that

The chiweenie unveiled one of the hidden treasures, Pooch Pops, yummy!

I didn't care so much for the next present, but somebody squealed

M loved it and was grateful
She will cherish it either forever or until one of our cats breaks it, but one thing is for sure, she will safeguard it
This year's logo was created by our friend Ann at Zoolatry
We'll be lucky to have nearly as beautiful a logo for next year's Global Animal Blogging Event!

Just in case, Bob sniff tested the cup too
Cats are suspicious by nature

Teacup chihuahua posing with actual cup and pooch pops

What I enjoyed the most was my lovely card
That Puddleliscious is too much
Thank you

To tell you the truth, it was so nice to have a Global Animal Blogging Event memento. You were too thoughtful dear Puddles, Albert, Whitney, and mommy!

Thank you for the lovely presents!

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