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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hiking Without The Teacup Chihuahua | The Perils of Hiking With Dogs

Hiking with dogs is a lot of fun, until one fine day, you find yourself hiking without dogs...

I, Twinkie Twinkerson, the teacup chihuahua, messed up! I messed up big time and I'm here to confess. Yesterday, my pack joined the two rhodesian ridgebacks for a hike. Little did we know, it was going to be the dog hiking experience of the century.

We met at the creek. My pack (my senior sissy, the crazy chiweenie, and I) got there first and when the enormous rhodies showed up we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome. We said our "hellos" (picture the butt-sniff train), and off we went. Our moms are good friends and they started to chat endlessly. After the first half hour, I, Twinkie, the three legged teacup chihuahua, decided to take off. I smelled something I simply couldn't resist and I broke away from the group for just one moment. Before I knew it, I had lost my pack. I looked everywhere for them, and I was starting to panic because even though I act tough, I've not been away from my mommy since my gotcha day. In the beginning, I tried to distract myself, smelling the bushes, the horse poop, and drank fresh water from the creek. Still, no pack in sight. My little heart was sinking as I started making circles looking for my family and friends. I missed them all so much and didn't know what to do. So, I made a decision. I walked all the way back to our brand new car, which I was hoping I'd recognize. I was very lonely and I was shaking all over, I was that nervous!

I was so sad when I got to the car. Nobody was there waiting for me. I looked back and I could tell I was really far away from my pack. Since I couldn't come up with a better idea, I decided to hang by the car, which luckily I recognized, but there were three dogs on a balcony across from where we were parked and they were barking at me. If M was there she surely would have used her ultrasonic dog bark control thingy. I was desperate, but they wouldn't stop yelling and it was very hot in the sun, so I decided to hide under the car until help arrived.

Ages later, or so it seemed to this scared puppy, my auntie pulled up in her car. My auntie? My favorite auntie, here, now? I waited for her to get out of the car and went straight to her. She looked down at me, as if she expected to see me, and she took me gently up her arms. Safe at last, but what was wrong with my auntie? She was crying! I clung to her as she made her way down the creek path with me in her arms.

Out of nowhere I heard a woman screaming my name. For a split second, I couldn't recognize the weird husky hysterical voice, and all of a sudden, it hit me. It was my mom. She was looking for me. Auntie started yelling M's name at the same time. When M and I could finally see each other, something weird happened. M fell down and started to sob. I felt very bad. I knew it was my fault and I hate to watch my mommy cry. She got up fast, ran to me, and grabbed me from my auntie. Auntie took off. Then with the rest of my pack in tow we started running fast deep into the creek. Now M was yelling Hank's name, my rhodesian friend's. I was confused but at least now I was in my mom's shirt, safe and comfortable. She had taken my leash and used it as a belt, tightening it around her shirt, to keep me in place, like a kangaroo. We kept running like this for at least half an hour. Near the end M was yelling both Hank's name and some not so pleasant words. Where we lost again?

Finally, M, very concerned about all the running about and what it's effects on our senior dog would be, took us all to the car and left. I wished she'd kept me in her shirt, but at least I was safe and I was reunited with my pack. They had all been frantically looking for me.

About half an hour later, M returned, dirty, sweaty, but smiling, and she was accompanied by her friend and the rhodies. It was the rhodies' mom's turn to start sobbing. I felt so bad. I started waiving my front paws at her and when she got close enough I jumped on her lap rubbing my head all over her, trying to explain that I was both sorry and okay. She forgave me, I know because afterwards she gave me a huge marrow bone, my favorite dog treat.

I am so sorry! I will never leave my pack again. I will not leave my mommy. I will be a good girl and if I want to keep my off-leash privileges, I will stay close to my pack.

Luckily, it all ended well and we got home late that night tired and hungry. My geriatric sissy had her senior dog supplements and a Rimadyl and she's fine today.

Hiking with a tiny dog is a challenge. The perils are numerous, from large prey birds, to coyotes, fast moving water that can carry a small dog, rattle snakes . . . and the list goes on. M is not giving up our hikes. She is going to be taking new measures though. We shall see what those will be, but I know she's already made up her mind.
Hiking with dogs is fun, but one must be cautious and alert at all times

Go hug your mom!

* * *

Update for the kitten lovers: I've been getting some smart comments from furiends who are teasing me about kitten blog invasions, take overs, and coups. Enough cats on my blog for my taste. I'm going to be posting frequent updates and almost daily photos and videos, over here: Pregnant Cat Info. Today's photos along with an adorable video can be found by clicking here: Kitten Pictures.

Oh, what the pizzle! Here are some kitten pictures:

 Go away bro

Oh, fine! Hug?

My kitten sure could smell better

I guess it's bath time
(even kittens get bathed)

Marilyn's debut
(we call her that temporarily because of the beauty mark)

Okay, now I'm really done. Bye bye.

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