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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chiweenie v. Tea Cup Chihuahua | Eureka!

Those of you who expect me to come down on the chiweenie after yesterday's shenanigans, know that she is under our mumsie's protection. I've been given strict orders not to trash the brat. However, I can still do this: All this time, I've been wondering why Frankie the Bratwurst gets such a warm response from all of you! I finally figured it out.

Exhibit A:
Frankie's soft, kind eyes
Exhibit B:

My bug-eyes

I can tell for myself, that this make sense, but I'm not superficial. I always dig deeper to find everyone's inner beauty. So keep looking, amigos y amigas! Besides, unlike what you may believe, the chiweenie and I are truly happy together.

Exhibit C:

Feel the love and tranquility?

Of course, with me being much older and wiser, I tend to have a little bit more fun than Frankie.

Exhibit D:

This is NO choke hold. It's an act of sisterly love.

I hope I've cleared up some issues for the skeptics.
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