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I am TWINKIE and this is MY BLOG.
I'm a young teacup chihuahua and I'm outspoken.
Only 3 of my legs work, but my personality makes up for any shortcomings, BOL, get it? Short-comings?

 I am senior dog, Linguini.
I'm a dalmatian/pointer mix.
I'll be 12 years old in November.

I'm Frankie, the Italian Greyhuahua OR Chiweenie, the verdict is still out. I'm brindle, that's for sure. I'm very timid and clingy. I'm a Canine Good Citizen!
I'm Ziggy. I'm a Great Dane and I'm a puppy right now. I've been told I'm going to get much bigger. 
I'm Sasha and I'm Ziggy's litter mate. I love my new family, especially Pedro, my younger bro.

I'm Pedrito. I was supposed to be a teacup chihuahua, but grew up to be a Rat Terrier mix. I'm the trouble-maker of the family. I'm super intellingent and rumbunctious. I'm part Great Dane too, because I said so!


 I'm Bob. I have seniority. I've been around the longest. I was rescued/smuggle from Greece. I'm spoiled and I love to wake up my human family by serenading them all times of the night with my sweet voice.

I'm Jet. I was smuggled in from Greece with Bob. We were approximately the same age and both without tails, so we are considered litter mates. I love getting my belly rubbed and then attacking the kind hand that did the petting.

I'm Farrah, aka Mawmaw or Mama
I was rescued from the streets when I was pregnant. Below are my babies.

 I'm Charlie, my human's favorite. I am also called Kramer (from the Seinfeld show) because I always make quite an entrance! I get along with everybody and am curious about everything. I'm a tuxedo kitten. My sisters and I were born on June 12, 2010.

 I'm Gigi, aka "The Shadow". I lurk in the shadows of the house, look pissed all the time, and couldn't care about anything but food.
I am the baby, Puddles, the whiner. I roll from side to side, most of the day, looking pretty.


We're here temporarily. As soon as we're capable of fe
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